About me

I am the founder and CEO of RideCell where we build Summon.

We started in 2008, building the first real-time ridesharing app on the iPhone. Starting 2009, we built fleet automation software for on-demand fleets. Folks at University of California at Berkeley,  University of Alabama, Duke University and Georgia Tech are amongst those who use our software. Here are some things people have written about RideCell.  Before RideCell, I worked at McAfee, Secure Computing, CipherTrust, SpiDynamics, Georgia Tech, L&T and a few startups that never launched. Googlebot has kindly indexed some of my work there.

Back in the ’90s, before I could legally drive, I fell in love with my best friend @bhumis. Getting her to say yes may have been the only smart thing I did in my teenage years. We have a beautiful home in a leafy suburb of Atlanta, Georgia but I spend most of time in SF where our pup @mowgli blackmails me into walks in the park on a daily basis.

I write here in the hope that it can be useful to someone else. I have spent a considerable portion of my early life consuming: reading, watching, absorbing and although I racked up a Masters degree from GaTech and worked at some great companies along the way, I built less things that were useful to others than I would have liked. As I strive to do more work that is useful to others, with InstantCab, RideCell, and these writings, I hope you will find something in these pages that is of use to you. If you do,  follow me on twitter: @aarjav.

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